SunTrio™ Water Solutions

The nexus of water and energy is one of the major emerging issues of this decade. Areas where water risk is the highest often have great solar resources. These areas often have medium to low population densities with lacking or weak transportation, power and distribution infrastructure and discharge of concentrated brine is prohibited or undesirable.

SunTrio™ systems are designed for the brackish water desalination market to treat agricultural drainage water or produce clean drinking/irrigation water for a village or municipality.

  • • Areas of the world with the greatest solar resources are also regions where water risk is the highest and brackish water resourcs exist.
  • • Combines membrane filtering with thermal treatment for zero-liquid discharge output. The energy efficient system is powered in full or part with solar energy.
  • • Solar powered brackish water treatment at an all-in cost as low as $0.0025 per gallon ($0.55 per cubic meter, $700 per acre-foot).
  • • Beltane's turnkey water treatment services rehabilitate your brackish waste water for reuse in irrigation and eliminates the need for brine discharge as it leaves only solid deposits.


Water Treatment Services

Beltane provides water treatment services to treat drainage water, such as on the West side of California's Central Valley. Our system will convert saline drainage water into high-quality irrigation water with an energy efficient system and leave nothing but dry salt behind. Beltane will build, own and operate the system; a customer will just pay for the clean water produced. The benefit to the customer is incremental high quality water and cost avoidance for brine disposal.

Beltane turns a drainage problem into a new water source with a guaranteed long-term price.

Please contact us for a questionnaire that will allow Beltane to quote a tailored solution for treating drainage water under your specific conditions.


SunTrio™ Distributed Solar Powered Brackish Water Desalination Systems

The SunTrio™ brackish water desalination system is designed to produce clean water for drinking, irrigation and industrial processes. The system produces water in locations where classic desalination plants generally do not operate. The smart use of a combination of membrane technologies with thermal technologies aims at attaining zero liquid discharge, a necessity for inland locations, with the lowest cost energy mix.

The SunTrio™ addresses the distributed solar desalination water market that is of particular interest to clients requiring water solutions to serve small communities or regions with a weak power and tranportation infrastructure. A single system provides 50,000 - 1,000,000 liters per day of drinking water and up to 300 acre-feet per year for agriculture, hydroponic and process water applications. Single systems can be combined to meet much larger demand.

Beltane’s market is in arid regions where water is scarce but solar energy is highest. These markets include the US Southwest, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Middle East, North Africa, South Africa, Australia and portions of India and China.

The scalable distributed system serves the desalination and water recycling needs of government agencies, municipalities and provinces, non-governmental organizations (“NGO”s), disaster relief agencies, deployed military assignments, agriculture & hydroponic operations, commercial & industrial companies, and oil & gas upstream producers.

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