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Clean drinking water for everyone

People in arid regions often don't have access to affordable drinking water, but areas where the problems are the worst - the Middle East, Northern Africa, and India - all have something in common - lots of sunshine. The former CTO of Fairchild Semiconductor has partnered with a Dartmouth educated solar executive to commercialize solutions for these arid, grid-isolated regions. Beltane's patent pending technology uses only sunlight and salt water to economically produce electrical power, hot water and drinking water. Our products are simple, scalable and have a total efficiency over 60%, making costs for our off-grid solutions comparable to water and power from large plants. Beltane will design, source and assemble products to sell to developers, governments or NGOs in markets where alternatives are expensive or unavailable, including military forward bases, disaster relief organizations, island resorts and villages in the developing world.

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